Victor Here...Spoke to Joe this morning and this is my report:

The congregation building/office/studio suffered roof damage from the weight of the water on the flat roof. The water was coming in the building through several areas the last time they could reach it. Damage is now more than just the wet carpet and minor roof issues from the day before.

Needs: Joe has an "Extensive" Library as one of the leading Temple Researchers on the planet. He needs plastic bins....the kind with no drainage holes in the bottom to get in there and save what can be saved of the library and the electronic equipment. Rain expected to stop around 5. He has power but all roads into and out of Nederland TX are closed. Once open, they will need "boots on the ground" to help to try and salvage and hopefully repair/save the building from further loss.

Here is a storm donation button. BTW, He did not ask me to add this...