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The Red Heifer

Before you can build a Temple or conduct Temple Services, you have to cleanse the area of the Temple from corpse impurity as described in Bamidbar (Numbers) 19. Not only will the Temple Mount have to be cleansed but also all who would participate in the services, including the kohanim (priests) Levites, and Jews entering within the Inner courtyards. The ... Read More »

The Location of the Temple Expanded

One of the most controversial topics today is Where was the Temple actually located? We did a program on this several months ago before we started "Measure the Pattern" on Hebrew Nation Radio. Since then, I have seen so much on the Internet and Facebook that I felt it warranted a more detailed explanation. Read More »

A Tour of the Temple

An understanding of the layout of the Temple is critical to comprehend how the Temple functioned. Three ingredients necessary in all structures on the Temple Mount. These are: that the structure is commanded or mentioned in scripture, is according to the halachah (Jewish law or more specifically how a commandment is performed), and is functional. Discovering the function of a ... Read More »

The Leviim and the Administration of the Temple

The Holy Temple is the Throne of Hashem on the earth, it is the Eye of the Universe and much more. The Temple is a place of miracles and manifestations of the might of the Holy One. All of this is true, yet the Temple was a place that functioned. Just as a Doctor learns how the human body functions ... Read More »