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The Yehoash Stone

A few years ago an inscribed plaque appeared on the Antiquities market. The stone known as the Yehoash (Jehoash, Joash) Stone is one of the most significant finds in the Archaeological World. It is the only plaque from any of the Judean Kings. The Plaque was discovered while digging a grave for a Moslem terrorist in the Moslem cemetery on ... Read More »

A Day in the Temple

The daily service of the Temple was described in the Tractate Tamid of the Mishnah. Complimenting this account is the Tractate Yoma. These pictures joined with the Gallery from a tour of the Temple will aid the student in understanding how the ceremony progressed. Read More »

Locating the Ark of the Covenant

The quest for the Ark of the Covenant has been a hot topic for centuries. Popularized by the Indiana Jones movies, and the subject of Internet speculation, this study will look at the evidence and allow us to be fairly certain where the Ark of the Covenant was located. Theories that are commonly found are that Jeremiah hid it in ... Read More »

Women in the Temple

While there are many aspects to women and their worship in the Temple that can be documented and help us to understand the major aspect of Jewish Temple service, it is today that so much is coming forth to enhance that knowledge. Specific sites that related to women where the Ezrat Nashim (Court of the Women), Shaar Nashim (Women's Gate), ... Read More »

The Red Heifer

Before you can build a Temple or conduct Temple Services, you have to cleanse the area of the Temple from corpse impurity as described in Bamidbar (Numbers) 19. Not only will the Temple Mount have to be cleansed but also all who would participate in the services, including the kohanim (priests) Levites, and Jews entering within the Inner courtyards. The ... Read More »