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The Priestly Garments

The garments of both the ordinary priest and High Priest are one of the most interesting topics of Temple study. Our day has seen the restitution of the biblical colors, ancient weaving techniques and understanding. Today these garments for the first time in almost two thousand years are now being made. In the case of the High Priest the garments ... Read More »

The Kohen Gadol and the Officers of the Temple

Key locations around the Azarah are the Beit Avtinas (on the southeastern corner of the Azarah, where the quarters for the Kohen Gadol were situated within, the Parbar, behind the Temple building where the korbanot (sacrifices) of the Kohanim were separated until offered, the Altar and Slaughter House, and the Beit haNitzotz where chambers were located that related to the offerings. Also key was the Beit haMokeid where the Kohanim where quartered while performing their service of the Mishmar (Course or Division). Read More »