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Warfare – 5 Volume Series: Vol 2 of 5 – 20 Parts

Weapons and defenses, tactics and strategy, timing, numbers, and location: G-d gave specific instructions for fighting specific battles. In this series, study the weapons and defenses of both ancient and modern Israel and learn the principles of effective warfare. Then apply those principles as you go to battle against the principalities, powers, and rulers in the heavenly places. Part 1 ... Read More »

Temple Ceremonies: Rosh HaShanah MP3 Series – 4 Parts

Rosh haShanah is the most difficult of all the Temple ceremonies to reconstruct, as the ancient sources did not elaborate on the various ceremonies associated with this festival. However a ceremony was reconstructed in our teaching. Most believers are aware of the eschatological significance of this festival. The ceremonies of the Temple add a dimension to understanding that significance and ... Read More »

Replacement Theology MP3 – 20 Part Series

In the year 313 C.E. Constantine declared Christianity to be a legal religion with his endorsement, and in 325 C.E. he called the church leaders together at Nicaea. This wasn't the first gathering of leaders, nor was it the last, but with this gathering the centrality of the government and doctrine of Christianity were set, right or wrong. By that ... Read More »

The Magnificence of the Temple MP3 – 2 Part Series

2000 years ago the Holy Temple was destroyed. The ancients declared its glory, the whole world marveled at its majesty. Join Joseph Good in a tour of the Porch, Holy Place and Holy of Holies. Learn of the 38 offices, upper chambers, and much more in this informative set. These 2 tapes deal with the building in detail. Diagrams are ... Read More »

The Levites MP3 – 4 Part Series

The Levi'im are a tribe of Israel whose very name means 'to join' their people to their G-d. The Levi?im are often seen as assistants to the priests, but this view is far from the truth. Their specific responsibilities lay everywhere within the Temple Complex, except the Alter and Temple itself ? which were the domain of the priests. After ... Read More »

Charges Against Paul MP3 – 6 Part Series

Jew imposter, founder of a new religion, anti-Semite ? these are some of the descriptions given to Paul over the years. In his desire to fulfill his commission to take the Basar (Good News) to all the world, Paul?s actions and intentions have been misunderstood and misinterpreted by both Gentile and Jew. This study focuses on Paul, and the charges ... Read More »

To Build the Temple MP3 – 4 Part Series

Temple preparation is never far from the center of discussion at Hatikva Ministries. How's the red heifer, what article is the Temple Institute working on, what new bit of information was gleaned about the Temple floorplan? Sometimes anticipated news seems so long in the coming that the final confirmation becomes a formality and we neglect to pass along the information. ... Read More »

Solomon’s Temple MP3 – 2 Part Series

Many have said that in order to predict the future you must understand the past. For those looking for the coming Third Temple, this statement comes to its fullest meaning, for tomorrow?s Temple is built upon a pattern that was originally given by G-d to Solomon through his father, David. Today we struggle to comprehend the layout of the Temple ... Read More »

1st Corinthians – The Passover Epistle MP3 – 9 Part Series

Have you ever tried to write a letter to a friend at a particular holiday and sprinkled references of the holiday throughout the letter? Paul?s first letter to the Corinthians does just that. He makes references such as: ?knowledge puffs up,? ?cup of blessing,? ?under the cloud,? and ?passed through the sea.? He also devotes a section of the letter ... Read More »