Introduction to The Temple – Overview Video

While the Temple is the key to understanding so much of Hashem's word, very little accurate information is known by most of the people. What is required to change this tragic reality is a course or better yet a series of courses addressing the multitudes of different aspects of the Temple. We have designed eight courses covering a range of …

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1st Corinthians – The Passover Epistle MP3 – 9 Part Series

Have you ever tried to write a letter to a friend at a particular holiday and sprinkled references of the holiday throughout the letter? Paul?s first letter to the Corinthians does just that. He makes references such as: ?knowledge puffs up,? ?cup of blessing,? ?under the cloud,? and ?passed through the sea.? He also devotes a section of the letter …

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One of the most common words we hear is “holy.” However, the most common definition of this term is “to separate,” which falls somewhat short of its real meaning. The Temple was known as the “Beit haMikdash” or “House of Kedushah or Holiness.” This two-hour teaching explores the meaning of the concept of Kedushah as presented in the scriptures and …

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