Natania Wolke

Natania Wolke was a vibrant young lady who went to bed, just like all other nights, when she suffered a major heart event. There was no other illness, no other indication that anything was wrong. Her parents were alarmed when they saw her gasping to breathe and struggling. She was taken to the ER where her horrified parents and siblings were given the worst possible news: Natania did not survive. Later, it was revealed to her family that Natania had a very rare genetic  heart disorder that suddenly took her life. Natania's identical twin sister and her other sisters will need to be examined to see if they have the same disorder. This, along with Natania's unexpected funeral expenses, have placed a great financial burden on this family.

Natania was the granddaughter of two people, Terry and Joanna Kenyon,  who have been an immense help to this ministry. In fact, our family has been taken in by them during times of crisis, such as hurricanes, as well as times of travel. They have always opened their home to us and at times we even considered them as surrogate parents to our own Yael. They have helped us purchase equipment, have helped in the research, and continue to be watchers of Chavurah study sessions. In fact, they have contributed the glossaries to two of our books, A Concise Guide to the Mishnah and Tosefta,  and Discovering the Locations of the Temple.
Please consider easing the burden of this family. A financial contribution would go a long way in helping with their expenses. Prayer for this family is also needed and much appreciated.
All funds will go directly into a special account set up by the family (not through the ministry) so that monies can be available to them as quickly as possible.