Monthly Topical Teaching

Temple Ceremonies: Rosh HaShanah MP3 Series – 4 Parts

Rosh haShanah is the most difficult of all the Temple ceremonies to reconstruct, as the ancient sources did not elaborate on the various ceremonies associated with this festival. However a ceremony was reconstructed in our teaching. Most believers are aware of the eschatological significance of this festival. The ceremonies of the Temple add a dimension to understanding that significance and …

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The Second Babylon: America in Prophecy – 8 Part Series

Parts 1 and 2: These two volumes are an introduction to the prophecies of the fall of Babylon (USA). Terminology such as the ‘Day of the L-rd,” “Birthpains of the Messiah,” and the Seven Thousand Year Plan of G-d” are discussed. Both DVD's packaged in a single case. Parts 3 and 4: In these two DVD’s the Biblical narrative of …

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