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We host the videos with Vimeo, a very powerful video hosting platform. Any issues with the video playback are going to be related to your computer. The first link below will discuss some common things to try to improve your experience.

  • Most computers come installed with Internet Explorer. The videos, should play fine, but we have found that other browsers are more stable. Our first choice falls between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both are very popular and very stable. You may already have one of these installed and if so, see if the videos play better on these browsers. If so, stick with the better browser.
  • If your having any issues watching the videos, this link will show you what you can do.
  • Add more Memory - When I purchase a new PC, I always try to upgrade the memory as much as I can afford. It really is the best thing to improve a computers operation. If you computer is at least a year old, you will really benefit from increasing the memory. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from using this guide. If you do not feel comfortable doing any of these steps, you should take your computer to professionals like the Geek Squad who can even come in home to help or may be located in your Best Buy Store.
    1. The first thing to do is determine how much memory you have installed - click here
    2. Next determine the maximum your computer will be able to use. If your max is 16 Gigs, there is no advantage to installing 32. Just go to the max you computer can use! I use the manufacturers of memory to tell me how much and exactly what kind of memory my computer uses. Stay with the exact "kind" they tell you or it will not work and may not even fit. - here are 2 reputable manufacturers - Kingston - Crucial
    3. Memory installation guide - 27 step guide - video tutorial
  • We cannot troubleshoot your computer's issues for you, but the above 3 areas will generally solve your problem.

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  1. aprilleehatch

    Joe, I’m trying to start the temple class but it continues to ask just for my password and will not accept it. I have changed password, exited out and started again…Help!!!!!!

    • Sorry April, my comments section has not been working so I am just seeing your comment. I will try calling you to see if I can help. Can you email me at your phone number. Debbie and I are very excited about you going on the trip.

  2. Shalom Joe,

    Just curious, I submitted my lesson three test in the Temple Studies course over a month ago and have not had it graded it. Do I need to do something else or do I need to wait a bit longer? Thank you as always for an outstanding course.


    • Shalom, my comments page had a bug. I am able to see it for the first time today. I was gone almost all of January to a conference in Florida and then to Israel. Please continue. I like to grade the tests myself so I can give each student comments that I hope will help. Sometimes I get behind due to my traveling schedule.

  3. I just checked, and I see I now have access to the Bronze member teachings.
    Thank you!

    • Great. We are working on making the Topical Studies work for the Bronze Memberships. I hope that we can improve in the next few weeks what is available for our Bronze Members. Let me know how you enjoy the materials.

  4. AS a widow, is there a free category? Thank you. mimi

  5. Duh. Thanks. Ebbie

  6. I finished viewing the ITT101 – 51 minute video Intro why doesn’t it show that I completed it and allow me to view the next module? I’m getting this message “The Comm ITT101- The Command to Build – Lesson One
    You must first complete ITT101 – Intro before viewing this Lesson” Thank you! Ebbie B.

    • There should be a button at the botom of the 1 hour video stating that you have competed the video. You have to click that button before you can advance. If you already did this let me know and I will see what else might be keeping you from advancing.

  7. I have been a Bronze member for several months, but when I try to access the monthly video teaching I am taken to the membership screen. So while I am paying for the Bronze membership, I can only access the free material.

    Please advise,
    Elizabeth Curcio

    • Shalom Elizabeth, you are correct. we have failed to provide a video and audio teaching specifically for our Bronze Members. The fault is mine as I failed to communicate to our son who does the uploading. His computer went or for about two weeks but we believe we got it back on line with our problems corrected. He will be loading several selections shortly to make up for our oversight.

  8. I am having problems opening the February archive it sends me to the membership page. I am trying to view the Rabbi Greenbaum interview.

  9. I would like to download the course of the Temple and then write it to a DVD. Is that possible or/and allowable? If so any instruction for downloading would be helpful for “save target as” does not work for me. I save the page but not the teaching video. Thank you for your advice and help.
    Shalom, Roselle Schulte

    • I am checking on this with Victor Schultz who set the site up. I would think that there is a way you can do this.

      • I have tried various methods for downloading and saving the teaching videos without success. If I can not make a DVD of these teachings by downloading them online, may we pay you extra to send to us via mail the DVDs of the Temple course? We would be more then willing to pay for the expense that you would incur for the DVDs and the postage. Downloading of the course would be OK, if it can be done. Please advise as to the method for us to have or make DVDs. Thank you.
        Blessings and Shalom, Roselle Schulte

        • I spoke to Victor about this. He said to ask if you are able to Download the files at all. The question is if you can download but not save. If you can download then they should be able to be saved and burned to a cd. They are MP4 files. Windows has a cd maker that should be on your computer. There are programs you can purchase also such as Nero. If you are unable to download due to your internet speed we will see about getting you a DVD that we make in house. Let me know. I might have my son David call you tomorrow. I am gone today and will not see him till tomorrow.

          • I have only tried the first introduction video and can hear it and see it as it a playing on my PC. I am unable to save the video to my PC in order to make a DVD. I have no problems with downloading and saving the audio files and videos in the members section onto my PC, however the videos downloading is slow. My OS is window 8.1 and I use DSL connection to internet. If you have DVDs of the Temple study course, that might be better for us and we will send a donation to hopefully more than cover the extra cost for the DVDs and postage.
            Thank you, Roselle Schulte
            PS: If calling us by phone, please call after 1:00 PM your time. Or you may email me with your response privately.

          • We have it figured out as to why you could not download. David did not make these downloadable yet as we did not want students to get ahead of the classes that they have not finished and see the videos down the road. He will make you copies of the videos as you progress. In the meantime we are working on a solution to the problem.

  10. I have a non technical question for Mr. Good. However, I do not have an email address for him. Can you supply?


  11. I purchased the Gold membership but I am being told that I have to purchase the course teaching. I see where somebody else has had this same thing. What do I need to do to get the course ?

    Thank you,
    Laymond Tucker

    • Shalom Laymond, thanks for becoming a Gold Member. Yes the courses are free to all of our Gold Members. This is done by a coupon code. See instructions below. Let me know if you have any problems. I hope you enjoy the courses and the other materials on the sight.

      How to apply the coupon code on the website:
      1. Log in to your account.
      2. On the right-hand side there is “Welcome Gold Member” & at the bottom of that section is the line:
      Your 100% FREE Coupon Code for any Course is: ****
      3. Across the top, navigation bar is a list of drop-down options. Click on the “Courses” one for its drop down choices.
      4. Pick “Available Courses”
      5. The Temple Course is shown, & at the top the price is $300. There is a button to click on to pay for the course. Do that.
      6. It indicates that you owe that amount, but when you enter the coupon code, it revises itself & shows that you owe $0.
      7. You will receive an email receipt saying the course was purchased.

  12. I signed up as a gold member using my mastercard, but I keep getting emails that I opened a paypal account. Not sure what that means. I did not open a new paypal account. I don’t want to use paypal for this because I do not always have money in paypal. Did my payment go through?

    • Shalom Robin, apparently it did as you are enrolled. Let me know if you have any problems. I do hope that you enjoy and receive benefit from the materials on the site.

  13. I tried to get into ‘My Account’, but I was taken to an ‘error’ page… Thank you!

    • Shalom Sandy, That might have been due to our Web Site being changed to another server. Also for about a week I was not able to get on due to my schedule. Let me know if you are still getting the Error page.

  14. Hi there… I’m a gold member, got the ‘code’ and put it in, but can’t seem to get the INTRODUCTION, DVD or anything to get started… I’m very excited to start learning this… Please let me know what I’m doing wrong… Thank you!! Sandy

    • Shalom Sandy, What I said above might have been the reason or it could have been my own learning curve which included some mistakes I made in posting the Introduction and Lesson One. I will try to give you a call to make sure you are able to get on.

  15. I heard you speak about a temple conference or tour in Jerusalem / Israel in the fall next year and to let you know if we are interested. I am DEFINITELY interested! Please email me if you decide to do this trip. Thanks, and be blessed….Sharon

  16. Shalom, trying to find your EVENTS Calendar page? Help? Dates for Salem, Oregon in particular 🙂

    Nitza Moshe
    Remnant Remedy

    • Shalom Nitza, The Salem Temple Conference is now scheduled for Oct. 31 to November 2. I do not have the location but will post that as soon as I have. I will also be in Salem during Sukkot on Shabbat. I will be there Oct. 10-12. Looking forward to meeting you.

  17. I signed up for the gold membership. Why do l have to pay $300 for the Temple course?


    • Shalom v’shuva tov, As a Gold Member you will not have to pay for any of the courses. You have a 100% off of all courses we offer. Let me know if you have any questions. We hope to get started with the course very soon.

  18. just joined at $ 25 but the site is not showing me as a gold member
    i have not received havurah dvd lately subscription must have run out , which is fine computer will be better
    will worry about it next week

    shabbat shalom from howard and jane

    • Shalom Howard and Jane, So good to hear from you. We have been on a trip and that is why it has taken me so long to get back to you. I am not sure why the system Downgraded you, but the Paypal information is there. I am moving you to Gold within the system. It should work for you just fine. We had a delay in shipping Chavurah as we were out of critical supplies. Let me know if you are able to get in.

  19. As a free member, I am unable to access the audio of the Hebrew Nation Radio programs. Anytime I click on one of the H N Radio options, it takes me to the membership option page instead. Is this not available with a free membership? Thank you.

    • I don’t do the uploads myself. I will check on it and see if they were uploaded to a higher level. I will have them changed to the Free Membership level if that is what has happened. I will try to send you a message back on that today. We just had to reload all of our uploads due to a server change and it is possible this got changed accidently in the process.

    • Just to let you know the program for Measure The Pattern on May 4th is now working and the new program is up.

  20. charlesblair7237

    I listen to the Hebrew National Radio presentation of Joe’s teaching. On that He says that access to photos is available on this site for the free level. So far, I have not been able to access anything on the free level. Any choice takes me to the membership page.

    Can you help me find the right path to these materials?

    Thank you very much,

    Charles Blair

    • Shalom Charles, the reason you cannot see the pictures yet is I am still in the process of selecting them. I am hoping to have the first Gallery of pictures posted tonight. I should also (hopefully) have a newsletter posted for May. You should be able to read lasts month’s newsletter as well as a few articles that I have posted. The server is in the process of being changed over and that work has slowed us down in getting new materials uploaded. Let me know more details if you can. I will have the pictures posted before this Sunday’s program. Thanks for your comment.

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