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The Kohen Gadol and the Officers of the Temple

Key locations around the Azarah are the Beit Avtinas (on the southeastern corner of the Azarah, where the quarters for the Kohen Gadol were situated within, the Parbar, behind the Temple building where the korbanot (sacrifices) of the Kohanim were separated until offered, the Altar and Slaughter House, and the Beit haNitzotz where chambers were located that related to the offerings. Also key was the Beit haMokeid where the Kohanim where quartered while performing their service of the Mishmar (Course or Division).

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The Inner Courtyard according to Rambam

The fourth chapter of Hilchot Beit haBechirah by Rambam describes the Temple building while Chapter Five lists the structures of the Azarah or Inner courtyard. In this Rambam mostly follows the information provided in Middot of the Mishnah. Several areas of his commentary need to be amended to provide a better view of the Azarah. 1) There are additional structures …

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The Altar of the Temple

From the various texts of the Tanach, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud Bavli, and Talmud Yerushalmi, Rambam has collected the assorted halachot of the Altar in a concise presentation. These are found in Chapter Two of Hilchot Beti haBechirah of the Mishneh Torah. This illustration allows you to see the Altar from different points of view allowing you to understand the halachot.

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A Day in the Temple

The daily service of the Temple was described in the Tractate Tamid of the Mishnah. Complimenting this account is the Tractate Yoma. These pictures joined with the Gallery from a tour of the Temple will aid the student in understanding how the ceremony progressed.

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