Jerusalem Temple Study TV

We are announcing the release of several Smart TV channels. Gold members can click here and install each channel including future channels as they are released. We are releasing multiple channels as the number of video teachings is so large they will not fit on a single channel.

Currently this requires a smart TV with a FireTV stick device plugged into it or a Smart TV that is actually powered by FireTV. All options require high-speed internet as well to stream the content to your home. We are also working on releasing for Roku devices and TVs in the future.

If you have a smart tv but no device, there are a bunch of options to get one by clicking here or run into your local BestBuy store and buy one. If you happen to be in the market for a Smart TV, find one with FireTV already installed.

If you are not a Gold Member, you can upgrade here or if not yet a member, join here.